With over 10 years experience in massage therapy, combining techniques such as deep tissue slow strokes with hot stones to ease tension from the body at a perfect pressure to promote relaxation alongside other techniques such as trigger point therapy, neuro muscular reeducation, prenatal, and injury rehabilitation to create a unique treatment. Naomi is confident in her intricate bodywork that you will feel lighter after a 90 minute treatment.  Naomi is also a yoga teacher and chiropractic student.



Beth is a warm and constructive therapeutic counsellor who uses a range of counselling techniques depending on your situation and personality. These techniques include concentrating on the 'here and now' to aid self-awareness, creative interventions for those who are creatively inclined as well looking at and addressing patterns of behaviour instilled in childhood. As I am also a Personal Performance Coach I can offer a very goal orientated approach. 

Beth has experience of working with issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, women's issues, stress and bereavement.


Beth works with individuals and couples. 

Beth is fully qualified and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, ensuring high quality, ethical counselling. 

Further details can be found on the website:

The first 50 minute session costs £25 to help you find out if Beth's counselling could be right for you. After that sessions are £45 for individuals and £55 for couples. Concessions may be available on request. 



Hannah is a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Coach-Mentor and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, working with clients to deal with stress-related symptoms and achieve their preferred futures. She believes passionately in helping people succeed through the combined disciplines of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Hannah’s approachable style and experience in coach-mentoring enable her to build rapport with clients so they can feel at ease in a relaxed, safe environment, where they can have open, confidential conversations and learn how to focus on the positives. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues, including addiction, lack of confidence, stress, anger, panic attacks, sleep issues, fears, phobias, IBS, migraines, obsessions, quitting smoking, and many more. Hannah also has an interest in helping to enhance sports performance and other professional activities. She welcomes adults, young people and children into her practice.

The initial consultation is £10.  Subsequent sessions are 50-60 minutes.


A special price of £50 per session is currently being offered for clients of EveryBody Studio (usual price £60).



Isabella is a certified Reiki practitioner and believes in the power of healing through natural and holistic methods. She hopes to teach each patient about the natural healing powers they hold within themselves. Isabella works by channelling life force energy through her hands unto another. Reiki raises awareness in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are contained. This causes the negative energy—such as stress, anxiety, physical pain, sadness etc.—to loosen its grip, allowing the Reiki to swoop in and clarify the energy pathways. Clients have fallen asleep, laughed, cried and reached a trance state - nothing is too strange or ordinary! That is the beauty of Reiki. You might feel a tingling sensation, a deep relaxation, warmth or coolness throughout your body. You might not feel anything at all! This doesn’t mean the treatment isn’t working but it is important to come with an open heart and mind.

After graduating in Languages Isabella spent a few years trying different career paths; moving to London to work in Media, travelling around India to pursue an Ayurvedic catering business but neither of these felt like a soul connection. Reiki came to Isabella by chance through a friend and after each session she felt like something had shifted within and felt reconnected to her soul. Due to this amazing experience Isabella undertook the Reiki training and practised on friends and family as soon as she could. She loves empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. Isabella enjoys being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the alternative therapy while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.




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